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At Visual Plastics we use our CNC Routing machine in order to obtain the highest degree of accuracy. It is capable of cutting 3500x2500mm size sheets of acrylic, PVC, wood or even aluminum! Our team can perform functions such as 3D engraving, multilevel engraving and machining or even complex outer patterns! You will not find a level of quality assurance like ours anywhere!

We Use CNC Routing in Sydney to Cut Complex Patterns

CNC routing in Sydney refers to the electro-manual device that we use to cut complicated designs via a computer. This method can cut through a variety of materials, such as acrylic, wood, PVC, and aluminium.

Industries around the world use the CNC router for multiple uses, including interior and exterior décor, signage, wooden frames and panels, and musical instruments. At Visual Plastics, we have the equipment and skills to perform several functions, including 3D and multi-level engraving.

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Benefits of a CNC Router in Sydney

In the past, routing was predominantly a handheld process. Even though this process got the job done, it was difficult to mass-produce or deliver identical routing tasks. CNC routers have improved and simplified the process, resulting in several benefits:

  • The manual method of cutting allows a professional to evaluate the material up close. However, there is a high possibility of making an error. Since computer software controls and communicates with the CNC router, it provides routing information that allows the work to be precise and exceptionally accurate. As a result, there is no waste, and manufacturers save time and money.
  • The automation of the router allows our team to conduct repeat work. The speed and accuracy of the machine enable us to mass-produce work while ensuring that the quality of the cut remains the same. The system can also operate automatically overnight without any interference, continuing to route the material effectively.
  • Some complicated projects require several technicians with handheld routers. With the CNC router, these projects don’t require extensive people-power. Since the machine is fast, reliable, and accurate, we only require a small team to program the CNC router software and oversee the project. This process reduces our costs, resulting in savings that we can pass down to our clients.
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What to Expect from Visual Plastics Regarding a CNC Router in Sydney

Our CNC router empowers our team to achieve a high level of accuracy. We can cut 3500-millimetres by 2500-millimetres sized sheets of acrylic, PVC, and a range of other materials. We are committed to delivering exceptional work with attention to detail.

  • We understand how precious your time is. For that reason, we can complete your entire project from the initial idea through to the design phase. We’ll take care of the fabrication and installation and provide everything that you require regarding signage.
  • We proudly use state-of-the-art equipment. The combination of technology and talent is what sets us apart from our competition. There is no replacement for high-end technology and a team that is dedicated to completing every project on time and with absolute accuracy.
  • As you place your order for any of our services, you can use one of several methods of payment. For your convenience, we’ll ship your package directly to you anywhere in Australia.

About Visual Plastics

We have been in this industry for over 21 years and have vast experience in all things signage, including CNC routing in Sydney. The quality of our work speaks for itself, and we always exceed the expectations of our clients.

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