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At Visual Plastics we offer a laser engraving service which is governed by our strict quality control standards. We are able to engrave anything 2400x1200mm or smaller and we can even add pictures using the latest in laser engraving techniques!

Celebrating 21 Years of Offering Outstanding Engraving in Sydney

Turning 21 this year is such a proud moment for our team at Visual Plastics and we are grateful for each of our clients always returning for our precision services and excellent workmanship, setting us apart from the rest when it comes to engraving in Sydney. As a proudly Australian business, we can’t emphasise more the value of supporting your local providers and in return reaping the benefits of outstanding care and quality products. We’ve always seen the long-standing relationships we have with our clients as one of the assets contributing to our more than two decades of success.

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What You Can Expect from Visual Plastics Regarding Engraving Services in Sydney

Our versatility is to your benefit. We offer a range of services all of an excellent standard, giving you a complete selection of solutions to various needs. Whether you need engraving of plastic or wood or etching, Perspex cut to size, or CNC routing, we can transform your creative ideas into outstanding showpieces.

  • As a one-stop-shop, we can take care of several requirements. Whether you need design services or fabrication, we have all the required equipment and skills to deliver according to your needs and beyond your expectations.
  • As such a prominent provider in the field, our team is also quite capable of taking care of all installations that require laser engraving in Sydney.
  • We take care of all fabrication and wood engraving in Sydney in house, so we can offer you the peace of mind you desire from such a service through our extensive and comprehensive warranties.
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Related Services We Provide to Laser Etching in Sydney

We always deliver quality work as a leading laser engraver in the city, adhering to the most meticulous controls and standards in the industry, but it is by far not all we have to offer.

  • You can also call on us for amazing designs in which we incorporate a range of different plastics, vinyl, and acrylic to bring you ways of expressing your brand identity in the most visually appealing ways. Our products always deliver a professional appeal, complementing your brand image.
  • We have a complete design office to put your ideas on paper, giving you the freedom to make needed changes before we take these plans and turn them into reality.
  • The team in our workshop can deliver absolute fabrication excellence and they have access to the most advanced equipment to explore even challenging projects with ease and success.

About Us

Our story begins on a day many years ago, a day of turning frustration into decades of success and satisfaction. It was the day when our founder couldn’t source what he needed from a laser engraver in Sydney and then opted to be the solution he desired. Today our services have expanded and we can deliver according to a range of needs in the plastic industry.

Customer care is a vital component of our success. It is the inspiration behind all we do. When we invested in state-of-the-art equipment, we did for quicker turn-around times and to offer even more precise workmanship. Every product and process we invest in is all for improving your customer experience.

Do you need showroom accessories or trophies, lightboxes, and more engraved to perfection? Contact us and reap the benefits of a lifetime of experience and outstanding solutions.

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