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At Visual Plastics we specialise in cutting plastic or acrylic. From the thickness of 1mm all the way up to a large 50mm thick, we are also able to cut materials such as MDF, foam, rubbers and most other plastics. Our machines are suitable to cut 2440x1220mm sheets. Our laser gives an impressively finished edge to the cut eliminating the need of flame or mechanical polishing. Our Quality control procedures mean that your job will always be up to the best standards.

Unlock the Benefits of Laser Cutting Services in Sydney with Visual Plastics

When it comes to signage or lettering, it’s difficult to beat the quality and look offered by laser cutting—hence our pride in being able to offer services in laser cutting in Sydney. Our laser cutting capabilities are versatile, spanning a wide range of different materials and thicknesses. If you have been considering a laser-cut sign for your business, look no further than our team at Visual Plastics.

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The Benefits of CNC Laser Cutting

Why is CNC laser cutting such a popular option for custom signs, trophies, awards, or other custom plastic products? Here are just a few of the reasons that so many customers contact us specifically for our laser cutting services:

  • The laser offers a precise and clean cut. Especially in signage, many people perceive laser cutting to be the premium option in terms of quality and precision. There’s a good reason for that fact: laser cutting uses a small but extremely powerful laser to slice through the material and cut it into the desired shape or design. The results are memorable, three-dimensional structures that tend to make an impression.
  • Laser cutting is economical. Many types of custom manufacturing are cost-prohibitive unless you are producing something in bulk. Bulk buying isn’t always the best option for a business sign or a custom award. Luckily, laser cutting requires no special tooling or other labour-intensive pre-manufacturing customisations, which makes it an economical option even for smaller single-run or limited-run projects.
  • Laser cutting allows for complex designs. Because the laser used for laser cutting is so precise and powerful, it can work with materials and designs that are difficult to manage with other cutting or production methods. Even complicated designs or geometrical shapes or possible with laser cutting.
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What to Expect from Visual Plastics Regarding Laser Cutting in Sydney

If you choose us as your Sydney laser cutting provider, here are a few of the expectations you can count on us to meet.

  • An ability to work with most materials. Though we specialise in cutting plastic or acrylic with our laser, we are also able to cut foam, rubber, and most other plastics. Even if you are looking for someone who can do wood laser cutting Sydney, you can look to us: we frequently work with medium-density fibreboard (MDF).
  • Versatility with sheet sizes and thicknesses. Our laser cutting machines are suitable to work with 2440x1220mm sheets and can cut materials of thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 50mm.
  • Peerless quality control. Our laser cutting services in Sydney are backed by some of the best quality control standards in the business. We believe our customers deserve the best, and no matter the design, we will work to deliver pristine results that match your vision.

Why Trust Visual Plastics as Your Sydney Laser Cutting Business?

We have been in business for over 21 years, operating as an independently-owned, 100 percent domestic entity. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for ourselves as a reliable source for high-quality signage, trophies, boat windshields and even (this year) COVID-19 screens. If you need wood laser cutting or Perspex laser cutting in Sydney, contact us today to see what we can do to bring your project concept to life.

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