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At Visual Plastics We produce custom light boxes at the highest quality in full colour, we manufacture our light box signs and illuminated signs with maximum lighting and glow levels. Using extra strength polycarbonate panels and transparent acrylic, we also use translucent vinyl lettering on the front of the panels for extra bright lettering over night when signage stands out the most.

Market Your Business in Sydney with a Light Box

There is a plethora of signage options to market a business. Each option has its advantages, but as we move into a technological age, you can’t go wrong with selecting a light box in Sydney. Visual Plastics is a company that offers a complete service from design, fabrication to installation of your lightbox signage.


Benefits of Using Light Boxes in Sydney

In a world where competition is fierce, you have to implement the necessary measures to stand out. With the help of technology, signage has evolved to a point where it is incredibly effective, especially with the addition of lights.

  • When you think of Las Vegas, it’s the lights that attract people. The same principle applies to light boxes. The signage continues its task even after the sun sets. As a result, your brand gains exposure throughout the night, and you reach your market without much effort.
  • Lightbox signage offers you the ability to advertise on both sides of the box. Depending on where and how you install the sign, you could take advantage of the fact that it is double-sided. With your business name or logo on both ends of the sign, it will be difficult to miss.
  • There’s no doubt that customers evaluate a business before they decide to enter and spend money. Your signage is the first communication with the customer. Selecting on a custom light box creates an impression of professionalism which people naturally gravitate towards.

Things to Consider when Installing Custom Light Boxes in Sydney

More businesses are embracing the light box as a way to drive foot traffic to their premises. Apart from being trendy, custom light boxes attract the attention of people, whether in a retail setting or a trade show. Before you decide on installing this signage for your business, consider these factors.

  • Think about the location of the light box. You could mount it to the wall, which is the standard option. Alternatively, you could hang it from the ceiling or identify a strategic location for the box. Ultimately, bear in mind that it must be highly visible.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect of customising your light box is defining the design. You should determine these factors based on your business and what you’re offering. If you’re going for a sophisticated look, then include a border. Consider the transparency, or if you’d prefer a warmer feel.
  • The light aspect of the sign is vital as, without it, you just have a box. Establish if fluorescent or LED lights are better. Bear in mind that LEDs are more energy-efficient and cooler. Furthermore, you want to light to permeate through the box evenly and illuminate all areas of the sign.

Why Choose Visual Plastics

We are a leader in the industry, and with over 21 years of experience, you can rely on our quality. Our team possesses the knowledge and skills to provide you with a complete solution starting from the initial design until the final installation.

In addition to our exceptional team, we have state-of-the-art equipment that helps us deliver our work efficiently here in Sydney.

Contact us for more information or to begin the process of making your light box.

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