At Visual Plastics we have designed and created signs for some of Australias Leading Businesses! We can manufacture signs in all shapes, sizes and finishes. Single sided or double sided – we operate as a full in house production service with high level quality control protocols to ensure the quality of all of our jobs.

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Represent Your Business the Right Way with Our Signs in Sydney

If you need beautiful plastic signs in Sydney produced by an experienced team, you have come to the right place. We offer a range of services to help you get the acrylic signs that you need in an assortment of colour options. Choose Visual Plastics and get a beautiful way to represent your business using material that lasts.


Benefits of Choosing Our Services When You Need Signage Companies in Sydney

Before committing to any service, know precisely what the business can offer you. Here are a few critical factors to consider about our services and benefits when you need Sydney signs:

  • We are a 100% Australia-owned business with more than 20 years of operational history in this country. We can suggest the best colours and designs for you, regardless of how complex your requirements are.
  • We provide the total package. Whether you need assistance with design, fabrication, installation, or all three, you can count on us to get it done. We have a beautiful showroom available to showcase all the beautiful signs that we have produced over the years and the intricate installations that we have completed without error.
  • We prioritise customer satisfaction. You never have to worry about the dependability or efficiency of any part of our process. If you have questions during the production cycle, just ask our professionals—we can quickly assist you with reliable answers based on our decades in the industry.

Your business deserves nothing but the best, so don’t settle for any other signage in Sydney. With years of experience, the ability to help you from concept to completion, and reliable customer service, you will be happy that you chose Visual Plastics.

Additional Services We Can Provide Related to Custom Signage in Sydney

If you are looking for more than help with signs, why not consider our wide range of additional services? Here are a few options that may help your business.

  • If your business needs some assistance with protection during a time of global pandemic, we can provide you with safety screens and sneeze guards. These acrylic screens are transparent, so they don’t interfere with doing business, but they still help to keep contact between people to a minimum.
  • We can laser cut plastics for you. Whether you need a thickness of 1mm or something as thick as 50mm, we can help you to cut materials to the shape and size that you desire. We work with MDF, foam, rubbers, and most plastics for your convenience.
  • If you want beautiful acrylic displays, whether for use in your home or in a business, why not consider ours? We can provide displays for anything from mementos to products to business cards. These displays look professional but will not break the bank.

About Our Team of Sign Manufacturers in Sydney

Our team can assist you with everything that you need in signage, from concept through to completion. We know that you want to choose a sign partner that uses only reliable-quality plastics, and we believe that our portfolio speaks for itself. We have designed and manufactured signage for some of Australia’s leading businesses, so you can rely on more than just our word. We run on efficiency and provide quick turnaround times for all our clients.

Order Your Corporate Signage in Sydney from Visual Plastics

Are you interested in promoting your company with corporate signage in Sydney? Turn to the creative professionals at Visual Plastics to create a sign for your business that prospective clients are sure to notice. We’ll work with you to design a sign that you will be proud to display.

Benefits of Office Signage in Sydney

If you are on the fence about whether to invest in shop signage in Sydney, here are a few essential advantages to consider.

  • Marketing tool: Many companies spend thousands of dollars on multiple promotional advertisements. Using signage around your commercial property is a cost-efficient way to promote your brand. A well-placed sign is visible to your potential customers 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, which improves the chances of new business noticing your company.
  • Increased chance for sales: Did you know that many consumers make purchases based on impulse shopping? If a customer is passing your store and sees a sign displaying your company’s name or promoting a sale, they may be inclined to stop in on the spot to look at what you have to offer.
  • Helps to build your brand: Even if a client doesn’t immediately engage you for goods or services, a memorable sign may bring them back to your company at a later time. A good rule of thumb is to develop signage that stands out from the rest of the competition but isn’t so flashy that it detracts from your message or causes customers to lose interest.

What You Can Expect from Visual Plastics Regarding Retail Signage in Sydney

We know the positive impact that a quality-made sign can have on your company. When you trust us to create your signage, you can always count on the following.

  • Fast turnaround time: We realise that you will want to begin promoting your business using one of our signs as soon as possible. Once you approve the design, we begin to work on your sign immediately. Our team will provide you with a realistic timeframe regarding when you can expect to begin using your sign.
  • Australia-wide shipping: It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia—we will deliver your new sign to you safely and securely. We use only reliable carriers that are guaranteed to get your sign to you quickly. If you have questions regarding our shipping process, a member of our team is available to assist you.
  • Quality product: Our team is highly trained in using an assortment of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to create signage with precision. Combined with our exceptional technological capabilities, our experience is what allows us to create signs in a variety of sizes featuring multiple complex designs.

Build Your Brand Any Time, Day or Night With Neon Signs in Sydney

Visual Plastics offers diversity and quality and a range of solutions to make your neon signs in Sydney stand out from all others, illuminating the night sky.

Benefits of Visual Plastics

This year is a milestone in our history as we’ve just turned 21. It is an achievement we are proud of and happy to share with our loyal clients, the people who carried us all these years with their support.

  • Being in the industry for so many years means we bring an abundance of experience to any project, regardless of how complex your requests are. Our team is comfortable to work with several kinds of plastic fabrication and has a large portfolio showcasing our abilities when it comes to acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC and more. It is the kind of diverse skills you need to help you find the custom neon signs in Sydney you need.
  • We have the most advanced technology in our workshop where we take care of all in-house fabrication. Since we take care of all our fabrication, we can offer you the peace of mind you need in quality assurance.
  • One of the features setting us apart is that we have our own design office, a place where our team takes your vision and puts it onto paper, ready for manufacturing. Whether you need showroom accessories to express your brand or creative neon lights to attract attention, we have the product to turn your vision into an effective solution.

The Importance of Neon Lights In Sydney

No one can deny the thrill and excitement of flickering, colourful neon lights illuminating the city sky. Neon lights do, however, have a far more complex role than merely being noticeable.

  • Neon lights are flexible in their design, giving you the freedom to have custom lights made to express your brand.
  • It is highly visible and can easily be seen even from a distance, making it easier for your clients to find your business.
  • Neon lights are often on during the night and the day. It is because while they aid in better visibility, they are low on energy consumption and has a long lifespan, making custom neon lights an affordable and durable way to attract customers.

Fun Fact About Visual Plastics

  • 21 years ago, our founder couldn’t find what he was looking for in Sydney.
  • It inspired him to manufacture his own solution.
  • From one product sprung thousands of solutions.
  • One day of frustration brought about many years of satisfied clients.
  • Today we are one of the leading providers of neon lights and more in Sydney.

Do you need to give your brand some expression, to be seen and attract the attention of the right crowd for your business? Speak to us about our range of solutions to find the custom neon signs in Sydney catching the attention of your desired audience.

We Provide 3D Signage in Sydney

The traditional sign will always be a useful marketing tool. Organisations around the world employ the use of signage to identify themselves and create brand awareness. While there is a plethora of sign types, 3D signage in Sydney is one that stands out. Visual Plastics assists with the entire process of developing and producing effective signage for your business.


Benefits of 3D Signs in Sydney

The primary reason to install signage is to attract the attention of your intended market. Opting for 3D lettering in your sign has several benefits that other signs can’t match. The drop shadow and depth effect contribute to the image or letters ‘popping out’. As a result, you create a sense of intrigue into your business.

  • There is a fair degree of flexibility in the design phase of installing your signage. Whether you’re relying on lettering or images, the raised effect contributes to the sophistication of your business. Strangers who view your signage immediately relate your signage to a successful operation and high-quality products. There are endless options for the size, font size, colour and finish.
  • Marketing departments continue striving for maximum exposure with a minimum spend. 3D signage is the ultimate option to create brand awareness with reasonable costs. The signage you install is responsible for grabbing the attention of passers-by and creating enough interest that they’ll want to enter your establishment. When you compare this to other forms of advertising, it is by far a more cost-effective solution.
  • When you decide on installing a plastic 3D sign outside your business, you can rest assured that the durability and strength of the material will last you several years. Whatever external elements you expose the sign to won’t negatively impact its appearance and function. With proper maintenance, there’s no need to replace the signage after every few years.

Tips for Getting More Value from Custom 3D Signs

Deciding to install custom signage is a step in the right direction. However, the design stage is critical, and you must follow these tips to ensure you’re gaining the maximum traction from your 3D signage.

  • Try to include massive designs that immediately attract the eye. Utilise attractive colours in the sign and if you’re placing it on a background, make sure to use contrasting colours to give your content maximum exposure.
  • The sign must be legible and concise. Although there are fonts that appear elegant on paper or up close, consider the fact that your potential customers will view the sign from afar. As a result, opt for clean, large fonts that you can read and ensure that your message is short. People have seconds to catch the essence of your sign, so it’s imperative you keep it simple.
  • While you keep your message short, don’t fall into the trap of including too many features on the sign. Don’t clutter the space with different elements and consider leaving a reasonable amount of blank space.

About Visual Plastics

We’ve been in the industry for over 21 years and with that have gained a wealth of experience. Our work is always of the highest possible quality, and we ensure that you are content with the project.

We are truly a one-stop-shop dealing with design, fabrication and installation. Contact us for your 3D signage.

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